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February 23rd is the Anniversary of the founding of Rotary so all clubs around the world always look for a way to celebrate this day and to give something back to their local community. Throughout Mexico, all clubs have chosen a consistent theme each year: Pinta A Mexico.

In 2020, we painted topes on Highway 307 leading into Tulum Pueblo. In 2021, we chose to paint the benches in the park in Macario Gomez.

This is one of our favorite projects as a couple of hours of work provide immediate visual proof of improvement.

We've had so much fun that we plan to do this periodically throughout the year. On May 9, 2021, we painted the sidewalk in Akumal, leading from the Hekab be Biblioteca to the intersection with Highway 307.

We'll post here on future painting projects as we plan them so that you can join us and pitch in - you'll leave feeling a deep sense of satisfaction in having made a difference in a local community!

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